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Eighty percent of what we do is training related. Our mission is to educate the individual and provide the knowledge required to make intelligent, informed decisions regarding computer technology from initial purchasing through implementation and maintenance. Our goal is to ensure that the student becomes as self-sufficient as possible. Efficiency, stability and security are emphasized throughout our courses; we teach the student how to maximize the performance of the system.

Upon special request, we are available to provide on-site training.



Although our courses are designed to lessen the need for specialists and consultants, we also recognize that time constraints may override the option of training. We can provide consulting services, drawing upon over 20 years of practical experience with computers in industrial and business deployments.

Consulting services are provided on an "as needed" basis.

On-site Service


Very occasionally, and under special circumstances, we provide on-site service. Services include hardware and software maintenance, disaster recovery and emplacing specific solutions to proactively reduce the need for additional service. We believe the best use of your financial resources, and our time, is to learn how to not require on-site service. We also understand that on-site service is sometimes the only viable solution. Contact us with your requirements and we may be able to solve your problem.

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